Supporting other schools

The PLT are committed to leading the co-ordination of school-to-school support, including brokerage of national leaders of education (NLE), specialist leaders of education (SLE) and national leaders of governance (NLG) when required. This usually involves working with a school or academy in challenging circumstances to bring about improvement.

We will identify priorities in our area and support under-performing schools and academies. Regional Schools Commissioners, local authorities, dioceses and multi-academy trusts may also work with us to support schools in need of improvement.

We’ll ensure that the best leaders are working to improve the quality of teaching and leadership where it is most needed.

This includes deciding how to use the services of system leaders to provide support to other schools, such as:

  1. Middle and senior leaders working as specialist leaders of education
  2. Headteachers working as local and national leaders of education
  3. Chairs of governors working as national leaders of governance

We’ll recruit and manage the placements of SLEs, through:

  1. Identifying subject area priorities within our alliance
  2. Setting up a panel of headteachers to assess applicants
  3. Using eligibility criteria to select SLEs
  4. Ensuring that the recruitment process is fair
  5. Dealing with applicant appeals
  6. Organising training for SLEs
  7. Negotiating SLE work within our alliance
  8. Ensuring that specialist leaders of education are providing high-quality support that is having a positive impact

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Train to Teach

The PLT are committed to developing opportunities to provide school-led initial teacher training.

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